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“That candid feel of kids being kids in their own element is captured in a charming and hilarious web series called Recess Stories……The goal was to create age-appropriate content specifically for kids 12 and under, but Jakub and Latham have done more than that. They’ve created magical viewing for all of us. Take a few minutes to watch. You, your tweens, and even your teens are sure to get a chuckle.”  — Ann Oldenburg, Parents’ Choice Blog (full review)

“i really like these episodes and i think you should keep doing these episodes!!!!!!!! i like LOVE the episodes!!!!!!!  YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” — Jenna, an awesome fan from the comments!

“Into this void steps “Recess Stories” – a Beeswax Production that features real kids acting in real stories about life on the playground. The girls have messy hair and mismatched socks, the boys are good with a ball but confused by everything else, and nobody can agree on the rules for anything.  The short episodes – all based on true stories – show kids as they really are: smart, funny, imaginative, caring, resourceful and engaging. This positive approach to children’s programming has struck a chord with kids, their parents, and teachers who have longed for videos that are funny but real, educational but entertaining, and engaging without being hyperactive.” — Yahoo! Shine (full review)

“Our friends over at Yahoo! Kids found this wonderful little web series called ‘RECESS STORIES’. It’s guaranteed to take you back to the playground.” — Yahoo! Movies

“We are staunch advocates of recess, but how many adults truly remember what recess is all about? It isn’t just 20 minutes of mindless running and screaming. It’s a time to create imaginary worlds, take on new personas, make friendships, break friendships, learn new skills, scrape a knee, engage in mischief, and much more.  Recess Stories, a web series that bases its episodes on true stories, captures the delightful complexity of life on the playground.”  — Kaboom!  (full review)

“You, your tweens, and “pre-tweens” will love the fictional web series, Recess Stories. Each two-to-four minute episode takes place on a school playground during (appropriately enough) recess. The team behind Recess Stories succeeded in creating, “a cross between Peanuts and Seinfeld.”….The stories are by definition, short and sweet; they’re also disarmingly real and documentary-like in their unpretentious look. There’s drama but no tears….The results? Well, amazing.”  –Maggie Hames, Media Darlings   (full review)

“A great show for kids! Recess Stories is a series of short fictional films about realistic kids’ having kid-sized adventures on a school playground.  I am excited to watch these with my 8-year-old.” — Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing   (full review)

“I checked out Recess Stories online and I think your shows are brilliant. Real kids. Real life.  Real playground situations. Real solutions. Very cool.”  — Kim LeChance,  AmebaTV

“With season two about to start in a few short months, it’s the perfect time for children to discover Recess Stories. This gentle children’s comedy tells the tales that unfold at every child’s favorite part of the day: recess…. there’s an endearing sweetness to these short slice of life videos.” — TVAdio   (full review)

” A great fictional video series forkids.  They’re really quick and all of them are like popcorn…yeah, you just want to keep on watching them.”  — Apps for Kids, Mark & Jane Frauenfelder   (full podcast)

“Recess Stories is a pretty awesome web series from Beeswax Productions. Real stories with lovely, natural performance from the kids. Not that over-the-top acting from your nearest kid’s network. Oh, you can also submit your own recess story. Really funny stuff. Go watch now!”  — Waterandlightning.com

“I think they are just fabulous. The stories are sweet, the editing is tight, the camera work is well done.  But they are also very approachable.  Kids who don’t have much experience will see that they are well done, but also that they could make something equally interesting with some work.” — Lloyd,  LloydAndLauren.com

“So much better than Disney, I’m telling all my friends about this…love it.”  P–Platinum Digital Video

“Recess Stories” for seven-year-olds with a budding This American Life aesthetic.” — Brent Sleeper (some guy on Twitter)

“Absolutely love Recess Stories, esp. the naturalistic acting (it’s blessedly not Disney overacted hyper drive cuteness) luscious photography too!!”  — Mary Ellen , Vermont

“It was really, truly great. Just a tad subversive in a healthy way. Loved it.”   Fred, Maine

Heard from the audience in a pause between episodes–“Please don’t be over, please don’t be over!”  Jenny

“Very cute and funny stuff. Keep ’em coming”.  Eric, Oregon

“Love it!!!!” — Stephanie, Maine

Reaction to the Recess Stories screening: “I think that was the highlight of my year, perhaps my life!” — Joe, Maine

“oh my gosh…i find myself addicted to your Recess Stories! i worked all weekend but i’m off today and just sat down to watch some and i must say, i’m hooked!”  — Maria, MA

“I just got finished watching the first 5 episodes and I have to say, ‘Wow !'” —  Kit, VT

“Just a terrific collection of wonderful bits. The kids are so natural, and the story just cracked me right up !  I have never seen anything like this before, can’t wait for the next episodes !  \o/ Thanks !”– Kit

“Know what’s fun? Recess-Stories is fun.” — Greasy Kids Stuff, OR

“I’ve seen a few episodes and I love them. Really funny, but not cutesy at all–a real achievement, there. But kids the way they really are.”  — Lelia, NY

“Kids being kids? What a concept…too bad Disney channel can’t figure that one out. Thanks for your refreshing alternative media take on kids…showing them the way they are! : )” — Producer “After The Beast”

“I’ve been watching Recess Stories and I LOVE THEM! The production values are great and the kids are funny.” — Jonathan, Germany

“I thought they were really terrific. You can tell the kids love doing them. That’s the most important part. The kids LIKE the process. Anyhow, the story lines were fantastically creative and the acting was great.” — Robert, NY